Sunday, October 12, 2008

Mud Puddle Madness

Deer Fly on the water
The Old Hussy

Way back in September, it rained, and I got photos of mud puddles. Don't ask me why, but I can get totally fascinated by what I see in a mud puddle. Perhaps it started when I was growing up, and I spent most of each summer, summer following, and haying. The only entertainment on the farm, while you were driving round and round a field on a tractor or swather, was to watch the cloud formations and see if they contained recognizable shapes.

Now I see shapes and patterns in mud puddles...

I decided I ought to begin posting my mud puddle pictures under a Mud Puddle Madness series. There are some good the old hussy I see in the bottom picture. Surely you can see her also! She's quite the madam. :) Her hip sticks out in a sexy pose, her lips are pouting, her hair is frizzy, she has bangs...She's kind of cute.

You can click these images and see them larger, in the top photo, there's a deer fly sitting on the water. If he wasn't there, you could see an angel in there, somehow the flies presence ruins the angel. I almost photoshopped him out. Then I decided I liked him as the focal point in this, he's so clearly sitting on top of the water.

What do you see in these? Maybe there's only a goey muddy mess...or maybe there are some other things...