Monday, February 04, 2008

Fantasy painting. Unicorn, Fairy.

This painting started out simply enough, it was supposed to be a two hour project on the EAG forum. Now it's taken over my life. I've painted this 6 or 7 times, by scraping off paint, scrubbing it back to the canvas, and reapplying the painting! I still don't like it.

I've had my tree person standing upright, and now I bent him over. I don't like him this way either.

I'll keep refining him until he looks like I want him to look. I think I'll go get a photo of my grandpa Allen, he had the most ferocious, old Scotsman, eyes you'd ever want to see. And the scariest eyebrows....I think of him when I'm painting this tree person. :)

This dumb painting has caused me to wake up in the middle of the night, thinking of a story to go along with it....I could never bear to do fantasy art, I get to caught up in it.

If I ever finish this to my satisfaction, I'll post it again.
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