Thursday, December 21, 2006

Work in Progress, colored pencil, horse aceo.

This is the start of this painting, and I'm scared it might be the last. I got this bright idea to try colored pencils on my 140 pound hot press paper. In the first place, I haven't had my colored pencils out for a long time because I lost them. So I'm out of practise with the thought process I use on them. In the second place, there isn't enough tooth in my paper to layer very much. I'll keep plugging along just to see what will happen but I've got two or three layers on some places and it seems it's about all the paper wants to take. I'm going to try rubbing it down hard with paper towel and whatever else I can think of to get more layers on here.

I'm in between studios again. We bought a 14X70 mobile home and we're going to convert it to my studio. So I'm moving out of the other house. For the winter, I've moved back into the spare bedroom in this house we live in. Somehow in the middle of having three incomplete studios, I lost my colored pencils. I was determined today to find them so I spent some time looking. Guess what? They were under the desk at the other house. I don't know who put them there.

Spring will be exciting. I'll tear up the old orange shag carpet from the 14 wide, get down to bare particle board floors. Paint them with several coats of paint. Then move in my furniture and have a permanent studio.

I think the back bedroom will become my water media room. The front bedroom will become my oil painting room. The little bedroom will be for storing frames. Every cupboard and every closet will be full of the tools of my trade. Maybe I'll never lose my colored pencils again.

Now I have to get back to the problem of this painting.
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