Thursday, December 28, 2006

Victorian horse collage, ACEO.

Well, this is different! It sure was fun but I know nothing about collage, so I'm totally experimenting. I liked the strange colors. The horse was something I printed out that wasn't the correct colors because my printer was running out of ink. It's archival materials and inks and I hated it to go to waste. Got to save things from the dump you know. The rest was things I found laying around the house. The base is 140 pound watercolor paper which I layered with some flowers I found on a page from a magazine.

I then cut out these other flowers and put them around the horse. I did some watercolor and some acrylic painting over it all. Then I cut out another horse's head and pasted it on top of the first one. After that, I covered the whole thing with a couple layers of heavy gloss medium from Golden.

The feel of these cards, with all these layers on them is very "real". They have so much substance compared to a simple watercolor.

It seems the way it made me feel so happy to do this, I'll probably be making more....