Monday, May 04, 2009

Update on the elk. He's in the snow now!

Poor elk, he went from fall to winter in a hurry. I couldn't make him stand out from his background so switched seasons on him. I bet he was surprised! lol

I'm calling him finished this time! He's 8X10" on canvas board, painted in acrylic. I'll probably put him for sale in my etsy store.

My art isn't very high priced. I'd like to think I could sell more art at a low price, then sell a few at a high price. I'd also like to price my art so ordinary people can afford it. So don't be afraid to check out my store! You might find a gift you'd like to give someone! Makes me happier to sell something than to have them piling up in the studio taking up space. After all, once I'm finished with a painting, it isn't mine any more, it's just waiting for it's new home!
Donna Ridgway

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