Friday, May 22, 2009

Eagle Rising

On Valentine's Day, 09, we decided to take a drive and see if we could get some photos. It was snowing hard, the wind was blowing.... We drove along the Missouri River and to our delight, the eagles were there along the river. Some of them were fishing, but most were sitting in trees. This eagle was on a rock outcropping, high above the road, sitting on a post. I had to walk up to him, and see how close I could get. This is the moment when he took to flight...

A few years ago, I met Sharon K Shubert in an online artist organization. We became friends. To make my story short, Sharon stepped into the world of digital art. I had a longing to see my photos used digitally, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around digital computer programs! One day, I mentioned to Sharon, we should get together on this....then I won't have to learn this digital stuff.... We were off and running!

I sent Sharon the large, digital file, of "Eagle Rising", and she created "Twin Eagle Landing"! Neither one of us knew this, but the other one, had entered their image in the "I Love Bird's Group" on Red Bubble. And each image was featured!

Here's the award we received for our images. I think it was awesome fun the way this turned out. You can see more of our combined images on Red Bubble and soon to come...on Zazzle.

This is an exciting venture for both Sharon and I. It's like when 2+2 ='s 5! My camera and my eyes, plus Sharon's digital knowledge and her eyes, creating something better than the sum of the parts!

Donna Ridgway

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