Monday, May 18, 2009

Want to help me name this photo? Some awards!

Need some captions for this photo. I'm sure someone can come up with something good! I asked on Twitter, and Facebook also. Be fun to see what anyone thinks it could be called.

Tweet Me a Ridgway Studio Update!

Another of my photos was featured on Red Bubble in the Wolves in Art group. I was tickled pink to open my Red Bubble page and see the notice they liked my "In the Trees" photo of a wolf.

Last but not least, Linda Shantz awarded me A Passion for Painting award! She's a wonderful equine artist, you'll love her work.

Believe it or not, my studio is clean. What a job that was! I think I can find things when I need them now. For some reason, stuff really piled up in there...I wonder what that reason could be? I can't blame it on anyone but myself, that's the really sad part. :)

I suppose I'll feel more like painting now!

We've been working in the yard lately, got some new gravel for the driveway, harrowed the pastures so Pedro has a clean field to enjoy. Planted some flowers, mowed the lawn-our grass if finally growing! We've had a few warm days in a row now. Perhaps spring is really here!

If this post is disjointed, blame it on Robert. He's on ebay..."look at this rat rod!" "hey, look at this old truck!" "Look what they did to this old's made out of wood!" "Can you imagine how much money they must have in this one? It's all original!"....

On that note, I think I'll check out and go to sleep....
Donna Ridgway