Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Split Personality

This is a beautiful horse, but I took an ugly photo of her! Because she's so sweet, and such a wonderful girl, I had to try to do something nice with this photo! A tribute to her...

I opened the photo in Photoshop, looked at it for a long, long time, thinking.... Because of the color of her eyes, and the abstract qualities of her blaze and mappings, her eyes don't seem to belong to the same horse!

And because of the same weird look of the blaze, and some distortion of the lens, the bottom of her face needed to come off here. So crop it I did.

Looking at what I had a bit longer, I thought I'd make her black and white all the way. Because she still seemed to me, to look like two different horses in the same face, I decided to split the photo!

Wanting a division between the faces I have here, I decided to place her onto a background. As I placed the pieces of her face on the background, the name of this work came to me!

I give you:
Split Personality!

If you didn't know what I've done here, you would never guess this is all one horse. Photoshop is so much fun. Don't be afraid to play with it. You never know what will come to you as you sit staring at your computer screen!
Donna Ridgway

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