Thursday, November 06, 2008

Suzie Q, a watercolor painting of a cute cow!

Suzie Q is kind of cute with a bright look on her face and some grass hanging out her mouth. You can tell she was eating, as cows tend to do, when some movement in the pasture caught her attention. Maybe she's looking at a coyote who wandered across the field, or it could be you're bringing her a bucket of oats?

If you use your imagination, you can figure out what she sees!

It's always been my wish, to create a lot of paintings of animals, and maybe not put a very big price on them. I don't want you to have to be rich to buy one of my paintings. I'd rather have a hundred of these paintings out in homes where they're enjoyed, than to have them sitting on my shelf, crying at me to sell them somewhere!

So don't be afraid to ask about this painting. She isn't going to cost you much. She'll be in my Etsy shop for sale with a wonderful, decorative, gold frame around her. See...that wasn't so hard! You've just purchased a nice, original painting for a friend, and one Christmas gift is out of your way!
Thank you!
Donna Ridgway