Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Silly Filly, horse pictures.

The Silly Filly is kind of flirty and coy. She's exceptionally cute. Thought I'd share some of my photos of her today.

As it turns out, we took Daisy donkey back to the rescue where we got her from. She hasn't quite worked out for us. She's mean to Pedro and today she walked right through the fence to escape onto the road. Thank goodness she didn't head for the highway. After the accident a while back, we didn't want to be the cause of another one, so Daisy went back home.

Pedro leaves the fences alone and he minds his manners so well, it was hard to put up with Daisy's antics for much longer. He doesn't seem to miss Daisy, I think he was relieved to have the place to himself again.

Good thing is, Daisy returns to a place she's well loved and we'll probably visit her now and then.

The Silly Filly is one of Daisy's old friends, so they're united again.
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