Wednesday, November 12, 2008

I down and dirty, double dog-dare you!

To join my Facebook challenge event!

The challenge is this: Consider shopping with an artist this Christmas! It doesn't have to be me, I'm suggesting shopping from any artist you know or find on the web. You'll have the most comfortable shopping experience you can imagine! You'll probably meet a new friend, and you'll have an item for a gift, that's so unique and wonderful, the recipient will never forget it, or you!

Go to or and shop type in the search bar, "original art from the artist", lots of things will pop up for you to consider.

Or...go directly to your favorite artists website, purchase an original or a print. It probably won't cost near what you think it would.

Here's an idea for you, my friend, Sheona Hamilton, has designed Christmas cards from two of my photos. Her cards are wonderful, something you won't find anywhere else...unique...elegant...what else can I say about them? Send them to your Christmas list this year, and you won't be forgotten!

On etsy, do a search for WWAO, you'll find silk screened art, handmade jewelry, art prints, original art, pottery, clay sculptures...more than you can ever imagine! And the aceo cards! Start a collection for your grandchildren, they'll learn to appreciate art and the joys of collecting specialized treasures.

I could go on forever, but I'm off to buy a present I found for my mom from a fellow WWAO artist.... I'll be posting the gift on my double dog dare you page...
Donna Ridgway