Monday, April 17, 2006

This puppy is a drawing of my little stuffed dog, the cat came from my imagination. And a very macho cat that is! I'll perhaps work on some of the edges that define the cat, but for the most part this drawing is finished.

I've been down in the dumps lately and when that happens to me, I tend to leave my art behind and bury myself in books and movies. I just read Dean Koontz, "Fear Nothing". Which had me in stitches laughing when a dog and cat sat at a round table and acted out a sarcastic version of how people see dogs and cats getting along with each other.

We also watched "Walk the Line" the movie about Johnnie Cash and June Carter. The movie hit so close to home for us. We have the same deep need for each other that these two people had. We think if we could have only met each other when we were younger and had so many more years together, it would have been wonderful. But life isn't always like that so we're grateful for the time we have.

I spent 8 solid hours on Saturday filling out paperwork. I thought I'd go crazy before it was finished. Rewarded myself with another movie that night..."Real Women Have Curves". It was a movie you could entertain your mind with, something to space out over... It had a few laughs in it but it wasn't totally my kind of movie. On Easter Sunday, we watched "Schindler's List". I like that movie. I've seen it before but I wanted to see it again. It's so nice to be reminded how one person can make a difference in this world for the good.

This morning I had to do another hour or more of paperwork. Perhaps, now, for a while, I'm finished with official stuff and I can get back to drawing and painting!