Thursday, April 06, 2006

My friend Juliet Harrison, a great photographer, posted photos of her horse, Doc yesterday. She posted him on the Equine Art Guild and told us we could use his image for a subject for our paintings. He has such a strong, loyal presence, I had to paint him. This scan isn't like the painting, these extemely layered paintings don't come through looking like the originals. In the originals, you see every nuance and layer, every change in color. The copper shines and the gold streaks give it a glow. You miss that in a scan.

I had fun painting Doc. It was good to be painting cnvases again instead of laying carpet in the studio house. We're almost finished with that project. It's going to be nice to have a place to hang all my finished paintings. Can't wait to do the final vacuuming and call that house finished.

It's pouring down rain here today. It's rained off and on for several days. We hope our grass will grow. If it doesn't, I guess we're looking at buying more seed and giving it another try!