Monday, January 20, 2014

Free reference photo, for you to use! Big Horn Ram.

Here's the deal!
Download this photo, and create a work of art from what you see.  Use the photo after this to create all the works you can.  It's free for you to use.
1.Send me a jpg of your painting/artwork, no larger than 600 dpi on the longest side.  Be sure you watermark your image, with your copyright notice if that is important to you. 
2.Send a link to your facebook page, or your blog or website, and I'll add the link with your work.
3.Send the jpg to  Please use "reference photo entry" in the subject line.  You can also add a little blurb about yourself, which I'll copy and paste into this post.
It's that easy!
I'll upload your photo here, in this post, and place a link for you to advertise your work.
I have one entry all ready!  Which you'll see below, please check out her photos, they're wonderful!
Thank you for entering my contest!