Sunday, January 26, 2014

36 cowboys in production! Paper sculpture using toilet paper rolls.

 This cowboy was created to hang from a pickup mirror.  You can take him everywhere you go!  I love his bushy mustache and the fierce look in his eyes!  He's a true rider of the range.
And here are 36 more cowboys in various stages of construction.  Each one has his own special character and personality.  It's kind of fascinating to see Western Art created from recycled toilet paper rolls. :)  Each toilet paper roll face comes with different wrinkles, different expressions, maybe a different colored hair or eyes.  Some of them are old timers, still smoking cigarettes, some of them just have big mustaches.  Some of them are old codgers with grey hair and wrinkled faces.

No doubt about it, you gotta have one!  I'll be posting them in my etsy shop, Stormy Ridge Studio, as soon as each one is completed.  Give me a few days to finish a few and get them posted!  This is your sneak preview of what's to come. :)