Thursday, April 02, 2009

Sing Song, black cat with green eyes, oil painting by Donna Ridgway.

This is our cat, Sing Song. Our neighbor went to a party at the bar in Vaughn, one October night, 4 or 5 years ago. When our neighbor left the bar, she heard pitiful sounds coming from beneath a vehicle. Lucky for Sing Song, our neighbor loves animals and couldn't bear to leave this starving kitten there in a snow storm, on the wet ground, under a vehicle that was about to move.

Our neighbor brought Sing Song home, and came to ask us if we wanted this scroungy little cat. Of course we said yes! :) We were remodeling the house we lived in at that time. When Shelley turned Sing Song loose, Sing Song headed into the open heater vents and we didn't see her again for a week!

I waited until she was used to coming out one certain vent in the night to get food. I blocked off the other vents. When the right night came along, I sat and waited, as quiet as a mouse until she came out the vent to eat. I used a stick and poked the vent shut so she couldn't go down the hole any longer. From that moment on, she had to learn to live with us. :)

She's quite independent, very bossy, and loves to control things around here. Never let her dish go empty, never let the water bowl go empty, never let Scarlet get to close to her....the list goes on....but she's a happy cat now.

Hope you enjoyed meeting Sing Song!
Donna Ridgway

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