Saturday, September 06, 2008

Fencing at the ranch.

The cows got into the hay meadow, which is below this grizzly thicket and out of site. Naturally, the cattle came through the fence where it's most difficult to repair. At the base of this granite ridge, the cows come up against this rock, and don't want to turn around. I suppose the fence has been this way since my uncle Bob built it in the 30's.

I told my cousin, we couldn't keep the cattle out of the meadow, without creating a diversion away from this rock. So she sent me down the hill to move the pickup, and Russ came down the hill to get more posts. I was to move the truck to the other side of this ridge, into the meadow, and meet them on the other side.
I zoomed in with my camera and you can see Russ almost to the top of the hill, carrying the supplies needed to fix the hole in the fence and make the diversion.

I went on around with the truck, and worked my way back to where Russ and Mary were still working. He'd just driven three metal posts into solid rock. Which was quite a feat. Not to my cousin, she's an old mother hen, always worrying about everything, always doubting everything. She reached out and shook one of the posts, asking Russ as she did it, "Are you sure this is tight?" To which he replied patiently, "It ought to be, I drove it into solid rock."

Guess you know I got the giggles.

On the other side of the hill, Mary and I took the four wheelers to the far end of the fence. We were to work our way back toward the middle, fixing fence as we went along, and meet Russ, as he worked his way toward us. The trouble there was the fact there was a service berry patch at our end of the fence. We got started eating berries, and talking and sort of forgot about the fence until Russ came huffing and puffing his way up the hill to catch us with berry juice running down our chins. I suppose the bear who habits the patch wasn't happy with us when he came back that evening for supper either! We pretty much wiped out his berry patch. :)
Donna Ridgway