Friday, June 13, 2008

Work in progress painting of dog, Border Collie.

I started another dog painting today. This is drawn onto the gessoed mat board with my watercolor brush and Ultramarine Blue paint.

We had 7 inches of snow the other day, and the power company still hasn't got our lines fixed. We're running the generator and glad to have it so we don't lose the meat in the freezer or the groceries we just stocked into the refrigerator.

Our electricity worked until today, the town of Great Falls was without for a day or two, in many places. So many trees came down on the lines. It was a hey day for the tree removal companies. But so sad for the trees.

Anyway, I don't suppose I'll get much more painting done on this as it's getting dark and we won't have many lights going tonight. I'm glad the weather man here is accurate! Because of him, and his prediction of freezing weather and heavy snow, I covered my flowers and they lived through the storm. Such is Montana weather, if you don't like it, stick around it will change in about five minutes. It's never boring and I like that. So long as it doesn't take my house down, or cause any great damage, we can live with it. So much better than living somewhere else!
Donna Ridgway

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