Sunday, June 29, 2008

Practise painting of a Macaw

I've been playing at painting Cheeko again. I suppose he isn't anatomically correct but it was fun to do his bright colors and he had such a bright eyed look it was fun to try this pose of him.

The colors don't show up in the scan. I created his black feathers by using reds, greens, and oranges, along with some payne's grey. I built up many layers of colors, so in the real painting, his head is green and fades into blues. I don't know why my scanner doesn't like thalo green, but it sure doesn't care to pick it up.

Of course, as soon as I post the painting, I see 6 things I need to correct. I scanned it and corrected it about that many times before posting it, also!

Oh well, it's fun to paint, and everything you paint is if this one isn't perfect, who cares? I'm off and running to the next one!