Thursday, June 26, 2008

A day about food!

We decided today, we'd do some campfire cooking and pretend we're camping, even when we're home. So we got out the dutch oven, thawed a big venison roast, and prepared some vegetables. I realized I'd left an onion out in the pickup camper so I went to get it.

Daisy, our donkey, spied me the minute I headed out the door, and came to see what I was doing. While I was in the camper, she pushed her head inside as far as she could possibly get. I think she was about to cut off her windpipe, but there was no thought of backing up in her mind.

The last time she came to the camper like that, I had a loaf of bread in my hands, and gave her some bread, which she adores! She was looking for more.

Since I'd brought the bread into the house yesterday, all I had in the camper to give her was the onion. She kept begging, and she pretty much refused to back up, to let me out, so I took a knife out of the drawer, and cut the onion in half. I offered it to her...and she gleefully ate it. She didn't make a face, she didn't pucker up, she didn't shake her head, she just begged for the other half.

She's so funny. She makes me laugh. I never would have imagined she'd eat an onion. Pedro won't touch most of the things Daisy loves. He's very sophisticated and doesn't lower himself to the level of eating anything, just to be eating. She also ate broccoli and celery before this day was done.

Back to my roast. I marinated it in ginger sesame sauce for several hours. Popped it into the dutch oven. I had a sweet potato, so I put that in with the roast and the marinade sauce. I smothered that with the onions Daisy didn't eat, layered in some carrots and some regular potatoes. After I had that in the pot, I sliced some bratwurst sausages and layered the pieces over the vegies. Next I stuffed garlic cloves into the mixture. Put lots of pepper on top....and put the lid on it.

Robert had a fire going...we put the dutch oven over the fire. An hour or so later, we had a meal fit for a king! Luckily, Daisy doesn't eat much cooked food so we got to have all we wanted.
Donna Ridgway