Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"NOW" Thoroughbred race horse and jockey.

I call this painting "NOW". In the actual photo, on the score board, the word now was written. What I liked about seeing it there, is how it helps you see, this horse and this jockey in this given point in time. The race is done. Win or lose, it's over. All that matters is the effort you made and the way you feel at this instant...right "NOW"....

The fact this painting was done in two hours adds to the moment, you can tell from the fast brushstrokes, it was a now moment for the artist also.

This is a little more work on it. This was the point at which the two hours was up. After this, I put in another 15 minutes to finish it off. So I can't say I was done in two hours, but I was close! I wanted this horse to have a mane, so you could tell he was still moving swiftly and I fixed a few little things on the jockey. Gave him eyes, thinned down the fat part of his arm, and kind of fixed his leg.

I switched to acyrlic paints here. This painting was done as part of the two hour challenge in an art group I belong to. It's so interesting to know you can create most of a painting in two hours. I think if I keep practising, I'll become more adept at this. I also think, I'll get some better colors going as I continue.
This photo was the beginning of this painting. I laid in some shapes and colors with watercolor. This painting is on a stretched 16X20 canvas. You can see where I stood the painting up to take it's picture, before the last strokes of paint were dry, it ran down the shoulder of the horse!

As always, there's more horse art on my website...Thanks for stopping by and I hope you're enjoying your Christmas season. I like remembering this is Jesus birthday.