Monday, August 27, 2007

Scratchin' It, Foals scratching each other's backs.

Got this started last night. I'm using cerulean blue and orange, acrylic. It's 8X10". On gessoed hardboard.

This two color combo has got me intrigued right now. It's so simple to go from cool colors to warm colors, to dark to light. And the range of colors from these two is quite amazing, yet you have such harmony in the colors. It's quite fun. :)

This painting goes very well with Stretchin' It as they're kind of the same theme of foals and what they do when they're in the pasture. They also fit together because they're the same size and the same coloring. They'd look great hanging on each side of a larger painting of a western theme.

Since these paintings are created with complementary colors, the eye perceives them as being a neutral grey, so they'd look good in almost any setting.

Of course, as you can see, Scratchin' It is still a work in progress, I'd better get busy on it and get it finished!

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