Tuesday, August 14, 2007


This is my messy old palette. I haven't cleaned it in a long time because I've been painting watercolors and to tell you the truth, I forgot all about my oil paints and they dried up.

I actually sat this old thing in front of my desk and for the last month, I've seen it there without thinking about it.

Today, I got to wondering why I hadn't cleaned the old paint off the surface as it sure looks terrible. The longer I stared at this, the more I saw a painting inside it. Look hard and see if you can find a woman with long green hair, purple skin and a wonderful look of freedom upon her face.

If you need help, here she is.

And from looking at this picture above, I created this painting:

If you're an artist, there's inspiration all around you. In fact, you're so inundated with inspiration, it's hard to know what to paint next. I don't think I'll ever catch up with all the images and ideas I see in this world and inside my own head.

Most of the time, I paint horses, and I'm totally happy to do that. But sometimes, other things call to me and I paint them. I want to be an artist who can paint most anything so I keep trying.

There were also some funny reasons this painting came to being. Someone I know was visiting with me yesterday about a church in Great Falls called Set Free. They'd gone there to get free food. I think the words Set Free stayed with me.

I've also been thinking about how wonderful it is to live with my husband who I love to pieces. I feel set free by the love we share and the freedom we give each other to be ourselves.

So you could say this painting is about me and something very personal I've been thinking about lately.

But, truly, I don't have purple skin or green hair. :) LOL

If you've had enough of this and want to see some horse art, it's still there on my website.