Monday, August 13, 2007

1950 something Chevy Truck

I learned to drive in a truck almost identical to this one. My dad took me out to the horse pasture, where there was a steep hill. The truck had no brakes. He said if I learned to drive without brakes, I'd always know how! We'd get in the middle of the hill and he'd have me stop and start out again! I did learn to drive.

The pickup had one of those starters on the floor that look all wrinkled. You had to manage a lot of pedals to get started again on that hill. Only way you could stop, was to work the clutch in and out to hold the truck in place. If you killed the truck, it was so much trouble to get going again! We rolled to the bottom of the hill several times.

I could barely see over the dashboard, so I'm not sure how old I was. I do remember driving grain trucks and hay trucks when I had to get down off the seat and onto the floor to stop or start the truck moving. I don't suppose I was very old. We had a throttle dad would set for speed, but if you needed to stop, you had to get off the seat and hold the clutch and brake in with your hands. :)

We grew up fast and learned a lot of things.