Monday, October 16, 2006

New technique, ACEO, ARABIAN foal.

For me, art is a constant experiment. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ADHD, can't concentrate on anything for any length of time. Or maybe I'm just to curious. I always have to see what will happen if I do this, or if I do that.

For this painting, I was tired of putting color on canvas so I decided to try drawing with a pencil directly onto canvas and see what it would look like. It was ok, but lacking in excitement. I have some Rob Ross liquid white oil paint here so I dipped into it and began to smear it around the canvas into the graphite. It made the softest neatest colors of grey so I kept blending away until I liked the image of this little foal.

I've made another one since, but I'll wait until tomorrow to post it.