Thursday, August 18, 2011

Buster a dog art painting!

I'm doing chores for my neighbor while she helps her family harvest their grain.  I've been doing her chores for the last two weeks.  I love her animals.  She spends so much time with them, that they seem human most of the time!  This is one of her dogs.  I had so much fun painting him like this!

This painting is 6X6 inches in size, and done with acrylic paints.

On another subject, it's fire season in Montana.  A large fire has blown up in bug kill areas in the Bob Marshall Wilderness.  You can bet that fire will be burning way into fall unless it rains real hard!   This fire is in a remote area where fire wouldn't be fought anyway, but most of the fires could be put out when they are small and the trees saved.  It breaks my heart the fires are allowed to burn.  The timber is completely wasted.  That is timber that could become homes for many people.  Logging has come a long way since timber was clear cut, and logging could save and rejuvenate our forests, all the time giving people jobs.

Think of all the small animals that are killed in fires...any one who's young, or old, or trapped, will burn a horrible death.  I don't like forest fires....
Donna Ridgway