Friday, May 12, 2006

Naturally, there's a story behind this nail!

We were target shooting with the .22. Robert handed me the gun and said see if you can hit that old stump over there.... . I said "no, that stump is to big, I want a harder target. I'm going to bend that nail over there." (Take it in mind, he's never been shooting with me before.) He says "no, just try the stump, take something easy the first time." I was 50-60 feet from the nail, I pulled up the gun and popped off a shot. You could hear the whine of the ricochet! I still don't think he believed I 'd hit the nail so later on I walked up to it, and showed him where I'd knocked the rust off the nail.

He'd made rank in the Marine corp, expert marksman. Even though he knows good shooting, he could hardly believe I clipped that nail like I did. Of course it was a luck shot....but I won't tell him. donna