Monday, January 03, 2011

Conversation with an Osprey

Osprey: I’m a little bashful, talking to you like this, you’re not my usual choice of companion…
Me: I know, I’m invading your world, but I won’t hurt you.
Osprey: Ok, then I won’t hurt you either, I could you know- my talons are strong, and my wings are powerful.
Me: I appreciate your strength, but I’ve only come to admire your beauty, and enjoy your resourcefulness. Look at the way you raise your children in that nest you’ve built!
Osprey: Yes, it is a beautiful home, isn’t it? I placed every item myself, with the help of my mate. And look at my kids, they’re almost ready to fly. It won’t be long after that, they’ll be hunting on their own, I can’t believe how fast they’ve grown..seems it was only yesterday they were eggs…
Me: My kids are grown, they left home a long time ago…I miss them.
Osprey: Sigh…yes it’s lonely when they fly the nest, and then I worry about them. I’m afraid they’ll try to eat a rattlesnake before it’s totally dead, or they’ll hit the water to hard when they try to catch a fish.
Not to change the subject, but what’s that black thing in your hands? And why does it click like that?
Me: This is my camera, it clicks when I catch an image of you. It sees you, the way I see you, but the picture of you stays, it doesn’t fade like memory does. It shows how wide your wings spread, the color of your eyes, it shows your black feet, and I can use this photo to show other people how beautiful you are!
Osprey: Cool! How do you think they’ll like this pose?

I hope you're enjoying Montana photos by Donna Ridgway! :)