Friday, January 15, 2010

Conjure up a cowboy in 30 minutes!

Last night I went to the Great Falls Art Society meeting.  We had a pastel instructor there, with a live model. It was so interesting and fun to watch her work!  She had us do three gesture sketches, then she showed us how she would create a painting in 30 minutes from her cowboy model.  After that, we tried creating our own painting from the model.  He was a very good model, fun to look at with his hat, boots and coat.

The instructor told us what we were trying to do in this painting, is create something that screams cowboy in a leather jacket, in 30 minutes.

So here's my attempt.  I haven't had so much fun painting for a long time!  I realized the reason I haven't wanted to paint lately, is because I've been painting such tight, realistic looking work.  I'd much rather create something like this!  It was a revelation....
Donna Ridgway