Monday, October 22, 2007

Yard Bunny and other things.

This little cottontail sits in our yard eating grass all the time. I tell Robert we have more than one long ear, with Pedro the donkey and this rabbit and it's family!

I'm still working on this painting, I have a few places to fix then he'll look like he does when he sits in the sunshine near my feet. I'm painting him in this position, because this is how he looks, to me, when he's sitting there.

We're set up at a show in the West Gate mall in Great Falls at this time, and I painted this while sitting in our gallery at the mall. I belong to the Studio 706 Art Guild and all of our members who have work to display, have filled a 2400 foot space with wonderful art. If you live in Great Falls, Mt. be sure to come out Friday and Saturday, the 26th and 27th of October, 2007 to see the exhibit and buy some paintings for your home.

There was a guy who walked around looking at the art for a long time. When he came by me, I said, "Say! Your wife just called, she said for you to bring two of my paintings home for her to hang on the walls..." He laughed so hard. But he didn't buy any paintings. Come to find out, he's an artist and he was interested in joining our guild, but at least I broke the ice and got him to talking.

We did sell several paintings this last week so we were happy about that. Our guild provides a scholarship for a Cascade County senoir each year and the money we raise from our sales goes toward that scholarship.

Some other news, I did sell the Jetty kitty painting and the Havre, Kitty Keepers shelter recieved their share of it.

This little rabbit will be for sale for $350, professionally framed. He's 8X10 and done in watercolor, he'll be varnished with a soft matte varnish to give him wonderfully soft, glowing, protective cover. But he isn't finished yet, so I'd better get back to work.

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