Friday, September 22, 2006

Hewlett Packard printer, Vivera inks.

Click the title link to learn more about Vivera Inks.

I always used Epson printers in the past. I've discovered something new! My epson quit me, wouldn't roll the paper through any longer. I was desparate and I didn't want to wait forever to get a new printer as I have prints for sale and have to be able to make new ones as needed.

I went to good old walmart and checked out the printers, I was madly searching for archival inks and a printer that would scan my artwork and print out my photos. Lo and behold, or hold and below and as one of my old friends used to say, I found an HP printer that would use archival inks. Tested to last 108 years or more!

Didn't think I could go wrong so I brought the printer home and tried it. I absolutely love the colors, and the quality of prints and photos I'm getting with this printer.

If I wear the printer out, as I will in a year or so, I can buy another right downtown. How handy is that? And the quality is amazing! I've never made such beautiful prints before.

I posted some aceo photos on ebay today. The colors are clear and gorgeous. You can see them above.