Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm still thinking about Molly B so here's another photo of her. Molly B has come to represent something important to me. When I was growing up, on a Montana farm, the care of animals was our main focus. They were our living. Although we accepted the fact their lives were shortened because they were part of the human food chain, we gave them the best care we possibly could while they were entrusted to us. We'd raise a beef to eat, it would be part of our family until the fatal day when it's life ended and it's meat filled our freezer. It might seem impossible to some people, but it's the way life is. Human beings have been at the top of the carnivore list since they were created.

At the same time, we have this incredible ability to nurture and to save. I spent agonizing hours in my life, trying to save animals. They were hurt, they were hungry, they were lost. I'd spare no effort to keep them alive and healthy.

Molly reminds me of all the animals I've lost in my lifetime. As I left her pen, the roll call of names scrolled through my mind. The spectrum of my emotions went from high to low, as I recalled each animal I've loved and lost. The high, the joy I experienced as I knew that animal, the low was the pain of their loss.

This has helped me to know why I paint and photograph animals. In my paintings, in my photos, they never grow old, they never grow sick, they never die....